Ditching diets and finding freedom from food

Ditching Diets and Finding Freedom from Food


JOHN 8:32

Meet Cindy Shufflebarger

Meet Cindy 

Registered Dietitian, author,

homeschool mom and motivational speaker

I have a passion for helping women experience God’s best — including freedom, joy, and good health.  And I believe it is possible to truly enjoy food and still achieve a healthy weight and lifestyle. I invite you on this journey with me. I promise it will be an adventure filled with struggles and triumphs, battles and glory, sweat and sweet success — one day at a time. 

Where to Begin


We’ve bought into lies about our health and bodies. We’ve come to believe that diets will help us achieve the body we want and that having that body will bring happiness, contentment and fulfillment.  Both are false.   The Diet Exodus is all about shedding the false beliefs we’ve been sold and walking in truth.

Food for Thought


Access a Course


Finding Freedom from Food

In video format, this class is Bible based and invites participants to work through six weeks of content to kick off a journey to a healthier, happier existence.

Finding freedom from food

What’s included:

  • Video teaching – 6 sessions starting with a mindset makeover and covering topics such as the truth about diets, food, our identity, choices, thoughts; food traps and how to overcome them; dealing with temptations; the role of sleep and stress on food cravings; as well as motivation as we journey to the promised land where we find freedom from food.

  • 6 weeks of daily prayers

  • Challenge tracking sheets

  • Journal pages

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Free Eating Assessment

Need to know where to start?  Get a free copy of my assessment tool. Learn what type of eater you are and what strategies will help guide you on the quickest path toward a healthier you.

Free Eating Assessment

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