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Meet Cindy

Cindy is a Registered Dietitian (RD) and holds a Master of Public Health degree. She’s an educator at heart who likes to encourage lifelong learning. She loves adventure, the outdoors, hiking the National Parks and delights in finding evidence of God in everyday life. She’s sometimes a runner, more often a walker, and enjoys travel, photography and all things nature (except snakes). She can often be found looking for the best spot to watch God color the sky with a sunset. 

Cindy adores time with family, connecting with friends, and believes that everyone has a story that matters. She prefers an actual book over a digital copy and can often be found reading a memoir.  But mostly, Cindy is a God-loving, joy-seeking, lover of fun.

Meet author and blogger Cindy Shufflebarger

There is joy waiting to be discovered in each day. 

Cindy Shufflebarger

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