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About The Diet Exodus

About The Diet Exodus

We’ve bought into lies about our health and bodies. We’ve come to believe that diets will help us achieve the body we want and that having that body will bring happiness, contentment and fulfillment.  Both are false.   The Diet Exodus is all about shedding the false beliefs we’ve been sold and walking in truth.

Health and nutrition websites are plentiful, so why am I introducing yet another?  Because I have hope.  Hope that I can offer a different perspective that results in lasting, positive change.  Hope that God will touch the lives of readers in a fresh and powerful way.  And hope that we will fully realize the potential God has intended for each of us.


I have a passion for helping women experience God’s best—including freedom, joy, and good health.  And I believe it is possible to truly enjoy food and still achieve a healthy weight and lifestyle.


God has positioned me in a unique place.  As a registered dietitian with a master’s degree in public health, my education and training are science-based.  As a believer in Christ, my beliefs are faith-based.   My own struggles with food and weight are experiential and bring yet another element of compassion, understanding, and determination.  Each of these dimensions of my life intersects here, in the pages of this site.


Research and experience are crucial, but God surpasses it all.  I have prayed that God would give me new insights.  I’ve sought solutions, techniques, and strategies.  And while those things are important, they’ve all led me right back to God.  This battle is not a once and done kind of battle.  It’s one where we wake up each morning with a longing to know God and experience His best.  We suit up with His armor and strength and set out for the journey ahead.  It’s a battle that’s fought and won daily, but only in His presence.


I invite you on this journey with me.  I promise it will be an adventure filled with struggles and triumphs, battles and glory, sweat and sweet success—one day at a time.  My prayer is that you will finally find freedom from dieting and worldly measures and achieve success in fully living the life that God intends for you. His best is always better than we can imagine. 

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